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Handcrafted Jewelry with a Boho Vibe

At Designed by Stacey, all of our handcrafted jewelry is made in small batches. Designed by Stacey is family owned and operated and dedicated to helping millennial career women and brides accessorize their wardrobe with simple, elegant, affordable jewelry. Designed by Stacey was born out of a tragic change of life events. Crafting became therapy and gave a purpose when none existed. Designed by Stacey creates unique classic, yet trendy, pieces with precious metals, leather, Swarovski elements and semi-precious gemstones. Shop our collection of handmade necklaces, handmade earrings and handmade bracelets!

Jewelry Designed to Make a Difference

We are passionate about paying it forward.  

With each purchase, we donate $1.00 of every sale to a local service dog organization.