Designed by Stacey Jewelry, LLC creates handmade jewelry that is red carpet ready yet perfect for everyday elegance.

  • Get the latest celebrity styles with our everyday elegance jewelry collection. We have the hottest earrings, necklaces and bracelets that are sure to make you feel like a star. The best part? Unlike the celebrities that had to pay thousands of dollars, you can have the same red carpet look, at affordable prices.

A labor of love.

  • Stacey is the mastermind of the designs and found her creative side with jewelry in 2009. While recovering from a rare neurological illness, the former mathematics teacher tried her hand at this hobby. Little did she know her need for occupational therapy (to strengthen her hands) would turn into her passion. Stacey turned a tragic turn of events into an inspirational story which is showcased in every design. 

A family affair.

  • Sally, Stacey’s mom was so proud of her daughter's work that she had to share it with the public; and thus created Designed by Stacey. Together, at the family kitchen table, Sally and Stacey can be found creating jewelry and working on behind the scenes tasks. If you see the ladies at an in-person event, you will see Sally, Stacey, and her service dog, Krash. Behind the scenes, Sally's mother, (Stacey’s grandmother) devotes her time and helps Stacey polish and package each piece with meticulous detail. It’s a true family affair, influenced by multiple generations.

A Mother Daughter DuoToolsA Jewelry Work in Progress

Because of the amazing benefit Stacey receives from her service dog, a portion of each purchase is donated to MidAmerica Service Dogs' Foundation. For more information about MidAmerica Service Dogs’ Foundation, please visit, https://www.midamericaservicedogs.com.

In 2017, Designed by Stacey Jewelry, LLC joined The Artisan Group. This organization provides artisan business owners the opportunity to introduce their products to celebrities, industry leaders, VIPs, and members of the press through participation in luxury gift events (www.theartisangroup.org). Designed by Stacey's jewelry was included in celebrity gift bags for Mother's Day given to celebrity mothers including Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman.  Also, their jewelry was gifted in a celebrity gifting lounge during the 2018 Golden Globes and 2018 Oscars.

How do people feel when wearing our jewelry?

  • Like a million bucks. Self confident. Like a celeb.