Krash's Krush

Krash selects a new piece of jewelry each month for Krash's Krush.  When this item is purchased, we donate a bag (or box) of treats to the Helping Paws Prison Program in Lincoln, Illinois.
We want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone that supported Krash's Krush in 2018!  We collected 140 bags of treats for the Helping Paws Prison Program for 2018.  Krash thinks we krushed it! 
Krash knows your mom worked so hard to raise you to be a good human and to do good things.  So…in honor of moms everywhere, Krash decided to make every item in our shop this month’s Krush.  This means, that for every item purchased in the month of May, we will donate a bag of treats (on behalf of mom) to the Helping Paws Prison Program/MidAmerica Service Dogs’ Foundation.  Not only does mom get a beautiful piece of jewelry, but she will revel in the fact you a) helped such an amazing cause and b) turned out to be the compassionate human being she raised.