Gifting to Celebrities

Gifting to Celebrities

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In today's blog post, I want to talk about a really cool opportunity we recently had through The Artisan Group.

Last March, we joined an organization called The Artisan Group (TAG).  Per their website, "The Artisan Group® is a premier entertainment marketing organization, and we are on a mission to introduce Hollywood to the best of the handcrafted movement."  Valerie is the founder of TAG and an amazing woman that handles each task kindly and effortlessly.

Through TAG, we had the opportunity to display and gift our jewelry at GBK's Pre-Oscars Celebrity Gifting Lounge in Beverly Hills.  For this event, we created 100 necklaces that were included in gift bags given to celebrities and members of the press.  Also, we created three necklaces and two bracelets to display at the event.

We actually created all 100 necklaces in TWO days!!!  We made 70 one day and 30 the about sore fingers!  The design idea actually came from an existing necklace but when a customer wanted that necklace in silver, we knew this was the perfect fit for this gifting.

Necklace Prep

Click here to view gifted necklace

Once all the necklaces were finished, we packaged them in cute velvet bags stamped with our logo.  Inside each bag was a business card, a card explaining our business, and a style idea card.

For the display pieces, we were very indecisive about what to choose.  We wanted something trendy yet classic.  We eventually decided on three long necklaces and two leather bracelets.  We had a family friend make our necklace and bracelet stands...we cannot thank him enough for his help!

Left necklace click here, middle necklace click here, right necklace click here, left bracelet click here, right bracelet click here

We mailed the gifts, display pieces, and display stands via FedEx and anxiously waited for them to arrive to Valerie at The Artisan Group.  The necklaces were safely delivered at the end of January.  We patiently waited until Oscars weekend.  Valerie, the founder of TAG, represented each artisan at the event.  During the Pre-Oscars event, we were glued to Facebook.  We got updates about what celebrities visited TAG's table as well as an inside look at the event. While we were not physically there, getting these updates were awesome.  Like how cool is it when you hear THE Viola Davis and THE Susan Sarandon both received our necklace?!  

Once the event wrapped, we again patiently waited until Valerie emailed the photos of celebrities with our products.  In the meantime, we were able to tweet the celebrities in attendance and reach out to members of the press.  To say this event was great exposure for our brand is an understatement.

Nikki Leigh Kevin Wilson Jr.Jason GeorgeChad ColemanTerry Notary

Without TAG, small handcrafted artisans rarely have the opportunity to participate in large scale events such as this.  TAG also gifts the stylists of many TV shows so fingers crossed, our pieces will be seen on TV in the not so distant future.  To learn more about The Artisan Group, visit

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