Caring for Your Jewelry

Caring for Your Jewelry

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Today's blog entry is all about how to keep your shiny and new jewelry, just that, shiny and new.

How to Care for Your Jewelry

  • What should I expect from your jewelry?
Since our jewelry is made with high quality materials, we do not recommend getting the jewelry wet or leaving it exposed to the elements.  So please remove the jewelry while bathing, getting sweaty, or while sleeping.  Also, be cautious while applying makeup.  Caking the necklace or piece of jewelry with makeup will help it lose its luster.  
And I know those beautiful jewelry display ideas seen on Pinterest are great for showing off all your jewelry but we really encourage you to keep your items sealed and put away when not in use. 
    • What should I do when I'm not wearing my jewelry?

    Guess what?  We've got your back!  When not wearing your gorgeous piece of jewelry, please keep the item sealed in the anti-tarnish bag it came in.  The baggie is treated with an anti-tarnish film and we also include a carbon paper to reduce the amount of tarnish build-up.

    • But what if it gets a little grungy?
    You've worn your necklace daily.  Your toddler has decided its their new toy. Your dog decided to floss his teeth with it.  Sometimes life happens, and the jewelry may look a little worn.  Top tip....keep it in the anti-tarnish bag it came in!  If that's not enough, use a dry jewelry wipe to help your necklace look beautiful again.  We use Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipes and you can buy them here (don't worry, we don't get any kickbacks for recommending this product).  They are a disposable dry wipe that is easy to use and really does a good job at keeping your jewelry looking gorgeous.

      Now that you have a better idea of how to care for your jewelry, I think that's a wrap!  I hope these few tips and tidbits are helpful.  

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